Beter dan Rik


Albert Heijn Peeters-Govers

Project Overview

As a producer it’s a dream come true to create from pen to screen and nothing less than a delight to get the chance to work with talented people.   Manou Kersting delivered in his true character acting style and gave these videos the body they needed.

Special thanks to Albert Heijn – Peeters Govers who gave us their trust to produce these series of employer branding videos.

Director – Thomas Schurmans
Producer – Thomas Schurmans
Scenario – Thomas Schurmans, Marthe Waegeman
DOP – Tuur Oosterlinck
Camera – Loïc Dillen

Lonely Alien BV – Oudebaan 9 – 2530 Boechout
BE 0500.679.455

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