Project Overview

When we start working with a new client, we make it our priority to look into their DNA. What message do we want to convey?  In the case of Auping, it was crystal clear right from the start. Their primary focus was showcasing the exceptional ventilation of their mattresses and beds.  Fast forward to placing their beds in five outstanding natural settings. Whether it’s a glacier at 3000 meters high or a floating structure on a lake, we thrive on pushing the boundaries – the wilder, the better. With just a tight-knit team of four, we managed to go from concept to final result in under two weeks. Insert adrenaline rush! 

Director – Michael Gykiere
Producer – Marthe Waegeman
DOP – Mark Boelhouwer
Camera – Thomas Schurmans, Ben Cyran
Drone Operator – Michael Gykiere

Lonely Alien BV – Oudebaan 9 – 2530 Boechout
BE 0500.679.455

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