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Project Overview

Proximus wanted to give a stage to the Belgian music scene. They asked us to create a fresh video format that would showcase their stories in an extraordinary way. The outcome? Eight short documentaries about eight Belgian artists delving into the lives of eight Belgian artists, unraveling the intricacies of their personalities and careers. We managed to capture each documentary in just a single day, ¬†with a very small crew of only 5 people. Our team’s superpower lies in our ability to execute on short notice thanks to our seamless synergy.

Scenario – Louise Van Thillo, Michael Gykiere, Marthe Waegeman
Producer – Marthe Waegeman
DOP – Mark Boelhouwer, Michael Gykiere, Tuur Oosterlinck

Lonely Alien BV – Oudebaan 9 – 2530 Boechout
BE 0500.679.455

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