The Big Pitch



Project Overview

The Big Pitch enables aspiring creators to develop their own creative series, supported by professional guidance and funding from VTM. From conceptualization to storyboard to final edit, we had the privilege of meticulously developing this project, ensuring every detail was crafted to perfection.

For this commercial, we expanded our expertise in XR technology, filming entirely in front of our advanced LED wall. This allowed us to seamlessly integrate real and virtual elements, achieving stunning visual results. By placing our actors on a revolving stage, we created the illusion of the camera moving through a lifelike environment, all within the confines of our studio.

XR technology offers endless creative possibilities, and we are proud to continuously explore new ways to harness this powerful tool. By combining cutting-edge technology with our creative vision, we push the boundaries of video and advertising production, delivering innovative and immersive content to our clients.

Producer – Helena Goris 
Director – Michael Gykiere
Camera – Mark Boelhouwer
Editor – Ben Cyran & Chiara Schalk 
Assistant – Marthe Wageman & Julie Vanheygen 

Lonely Alien BV – Oudebaan 9 – 2530 Boechout
BE 0500.679.455

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