Drone Services

Videofy combines years of passion for drones and filming. You can therefore contact us for all aerial images. If you are considering aerial cinematography for a production, please contact us in time so that we can start the legal procedure. These can easily take several weeks.

High-end equipment

Videofy flies the vast majority of our assignments with DJI Inspire 2 drones equipped with Zenmuse X5S cameras and various lenses.

Certified drone operators

Videofy has a team of certified drone operators who, in addition to all legal facets, also have film work in their DNA. The ideal mix between flying and filming.

Repair & Maintenance Center

Thanks to our many years of experience in flying and building drones, you can also visit our workshop for maintenance or repairs of drones and quadcopters.

Book an appointment with our video makers

And then you will soon chat with our creative video makers about your future drone video.