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You can rent a video studio at Videofy. At our full-service production house in Boechout, Antwerp. The studio space can be used for multiple purposes. They are therefore suitable for any type of production: from a corporate video, product video to meetings and other presentations. The recording studios in Boechout, Belgium, can be rented between normal office hours (9 a.m. and 7 p.m.). It is also possible to rent a the studio at a later time for a small surcharge.

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Studio 1 (180 m²)

An open studio space and you can rent it from our video production company in Boechout, Antwerp. If you need a recording studio for recordings with more people or larger props. You will also find a separate sitting area in the recording studio. The studio for rent is open and offers countless possibilities. The studio space is mainly used as a video studio, but you can also rent the recording studio for photo shoots and meetings.

Facilities & Options

Practical information about our recording studio in Boechout

1. What are the rates for renting the photo or video studio?
The price for one day is €550. Depending on the period discounts may apply. 

2. Until what time can I rent/use the video studio?
You can rent the video studios during normal office hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). It is also possible to stay later in the studio. A closing price must be paid if work continues after 5 p.m. The cost price is 50 euros (excl. VAT) for each studio space. When you leave the studio, someone from our full-service production house will check and lock the studio with the key. 

3. Payment
When renting our studio space in Antwerp for a day, the full amount is always paid in advance. From two days it can be done by invoice, with a 30% advance payment. When renting equipment that you want to use in the studio, a deposit will be charged.

4. Common parts of this recording studio in Antwerp
The kitchen area is free to use by the tenant. The kitchen and kitchen equipment themselves cannot be used for recording. They are therefore not included in the rental price of the studio

Please contact our team if you are interested in renting a recording studio

Are you interested in renting a photo or video studio? Do you have questions about our recording studio in Belgium or would you like to engage our video makers to have an employer branding video, a music video or another type of video made in a studio space in Antwerp? Please contact the Videofy team. You can reach us via the e-mail address [email protected], +32 3 430 62 42 or via the contact form, if you are interested in a studio for rent.